Get Your Walking Shoes Ready for National Walkathon Day

Nonprofit Southeastern Guide Dogs Unleashing Fundraiser Across the United States

On May 1, Southeastern Guide Dogs is inviting everyone across the U.S. to participate in National Walkathon Day. Participants are invited to walk throughout neighborhoods, host a bake sale, run a dog washing event, or any other experience to help share Southeastern Guide Dogs’ mission through the power of social media. Register now by visiting

National Walkathon Day is designed to raise funds and awareness for Southeastern Guide Dogs. Every dollar raised helps the organization match guide dogs with visually impaired individuals and service dogs with veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other disabilities.

“This year, we wanted to make our traditional Walkathon event even more impactful by reaching more people and using social media,” said Jennifer Bryan, Director of Philanthropy for Southeastern Guide Dogs. “Walkathon makes a difference every year, and by taking it to all 50 states, we’re hoping to raise more awareness, more funds and change more lives than ever before.”

Participants are encouraged to spread the word on social media leading up to and during the event by using following hashtags:


Those creating a team and raising funds for Southeastern Guide Dogs can receive exciting items such as milestone t-shirts, tumblers, exclusive Top Dog t-shirts, and puppy naming sponsorships or student scholarships.

Aurora Browne is a freelance writer in Tampa Bay. She shares stories on health and wellness, as well as brand features. She is also a dog enthusiast.